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On the fifth day teach how give a simple enema, going much into detail and giving reasons. Show paratus, dwell upon the importance position, explain how haste fails produce results, and impress upon them that a resultless enema a failure.

Let them understand that an important piece work, a real responsibility with which they are trusted. On the sixth day teach demonstration how comb hair. Spend a few minutes showing them in an actual case how list a patient's clothing, telling one or two incidents illustrate its importance. On the seventh day, being theoretically Now, all this may seem unsystematic or even illogical. Be that as may, these nurses have been given real instruction in a good many things which make a young nurse useful, and which encourage both her and the older nurses who hate bother What has cost you? Two hours and a half time out a week, which two hours and a half you would otherwise have spent ill worrying, essay consulting services in apologizing, or in cndcaxoring repair the damage which your new What has been accomplished? You have two, three or four as the case may young women who are happy because they know that they know how certain things and who are useful for the same reason. And the things they can do! They are Give a drink a helpless help write essay for me patient. Serve a tray and get resume writing services prices the patient ready.

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Make a bed, occupied or unoccupied. With this list accomplishments and a minimum amount brains, any one can keep a nurse busy and still keep her from doing any special damage or occasioning Two half-hours the second week may used for whatever instruction you find online proofreaders most needed, if you no more for a few weeks they and you will get very well.

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A few thing you must remember are not A nurse must not allowed give douches, catheterize or help with dressings any sort until she has learned the principles surgical cleanliness. She must not allowed give medicines or hypodermics until she has learned some the principles thereof i need help with my term paper and has committed dissertation uk memory a list at least a dozen drugs The difficulty the above regime only the trouble getting your seniors let the newcomers all that they can senior will make a bed or clean a room rather than ask a probationer and she will ask a young nurse give a douche or a medicine when she in a hurry, if she thinks will permitted. Do not permit Talk with your older nurses and impress them with the very real danger dissertation help uk ignorant work. Show them that unnecessary probationer's work when there a probationer about.

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A few months hammering these ideas into the heads your seniors and a few hours spent with your beginners will work wonders which you have gives the following rules nurse who may occasionally called into Hold the sponging hand near the wound, Keep wound sponge juickly and Use dry sponges have fresh sponges within reach. Don't sponge against the operator's Sponge from the wound iOY Sixd the skin never from the skin into the wound.

Never use in a clean wound a sponge that has been the skin or in contact with infectious material discard at once.

school nurse meets in her rounds among the children, next pediculosis, she finds the most disagreeable affections the skin.

The most common these are ringworm, scabies, impetigo contagiosa, The first three named are infectious, and vary in seriousness according the stage development at which find them. Of course, pupils affiicted with any these three are dismissed from school at once, for a double purpose protect other pupils from becoming infected, and that the children having the trouble may have a better opportunity overcome at once In the Portland schools seldom find anything this kind developed beyond the earliest stages, as each child in every grammar school the city examined every six weeks the medical inspector. At this time the sleeves are raised the elbow, and the hands, the arms and the face each one Ringworm usually makes its first appearance the face, though sometimes found the scalp. It well named, for a perfect ring red around a spot natural-colored tissue. The eruptions are usually small and itchy. It spreads rapidly over the face and sometimes carried from cheek scalp rubbing the face and then The remedy very simple, as tincture iodine quite effective, if applied full strength the spot with a little cotton or brush every third night, until three applications have been made.





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