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How many doctors would a town need have offer a fair chance? Should she advertise in local papers and how long should buy a history research paper such an advertisement continued, if started? What other means might a nurse use create a demand for her services? Do you know any town such as I have suggested academic writers where a nurse might expect work a fair practice in a short time? Thanking your readers in advance for replies, Several articles which have appeared in the magazine within the last few months have interested particularly those relating investments and thrift among nurses. I have only been graduated a little over a year, but have saved a little over six hundred dollars. I have a friend who has saved over five hundred dollars in her first year. We are both graduates a small hospital german essay helper about forty beds and both are doing private nursing.

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We room together and pay seven dollars a month each for the room and telephone calls. Both have been kept pretty busy one time did not meet in our room for three months. I wondered if had done better or worse financially than other nurses. We are both keeping track what earn and what spend, which our superintendent fast custom essay taught was a good plan.

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I should glad if other nurses would write their earnings and savings and expenditures that might have I sending you a report a case which was exceedingly interesting. I did most the nursing in this case myself, being relieved only about three hours in the twenty-four. Patient, a child about six years old, case diagnosed acute appendicitis. Entered hospital about I Bowels had not moved for about three days. Hot turpentine stupes were applied at once and continued till morning.

About she was given a soapsuds enema with turpentine one dram, but no result was obtained. At.

the enema was repeated, but still no result.

she was given an essays about community service enema milk and molasses, but with no result. At midnight best freelance writer websites she was given another soap-suds enema and at. another milk and molasses enema with no result.

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given a soap-suds enema with glycerine two ounces, no result. The turpentine stupes were again applied and continued till, then she was given another soap-suds enema with one dram turpentine flatus was expelled good thesis freely and some minute particles fecal matter. The turpentine stupes were again applied during the night, the abdomen being massaged with castor and croton oil one drop croton one ounce castor oil every four hours. the next day she was given castor oil one half ounce at she was given a soap-suds enema, after which flatus was expelled freely but no fecal matter. all treatment was stopped The next morning little Maud was taken the surgery from which no one expected see her come alive. The incision was made for appendicitis, but five tumors were found, three which would hold about a pint serum each and the other two about a half-ounce each.





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