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This alone can explain man's doubts in the existence his Creator, and in a higher purpose and meaning in life. For as long as remains healthy, intuition, itself a part the creative spirit, must at least sense existence and purpose. Without such intuitive perception the divine, a person best custom essay writing services with purely intellectual consciousness as impervious the nature a spiritual world as a congenitally blind man colors. Or, as Herbert Dingle, professor history and philosophy science, puts in his conclusion a symposium seventeen British scientists All observable physical knowledge now appears statistical, that the real causal world lying behind turns out completely unknown. Secondly not only Had this been admitted from the beginning, many misinterpretations scientific research could have been avoided for materialism and communism are built misunderstood scientific facts.

Lack self-criticism the part some scientists and blind acceptance their speculations the public have Injected into our era the belief that all ancient wisdom has been thoroughly repudiated the strength recent discoveries and facts.

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We are told that seek meaning and purpose in evolution merely an anthropomorphism, an attempt project human concepts Into a soulless universe. Life said turn into consciousness, and consciousness into self-awareness, all itself.

If this were true and have no proof how did life arise in the first place? Here too are given answers, but these answers, while pronounced with high scientific authority, are strongly buy a research paper now influenced personal and, therefore, emotional undercurrents. Let for a moment put aside our habitual science worship and look at some authoritative statements as if they were made mere mortals. In them, as in almost all human utterances, shall often find a laboriously built edifice impressive facts based no stronger a foundation than subjective opinion.

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True, there an occasional probable indicate the speculative character an author's premises, but how many readers will really notice such inconspicuous warning? Actually, one would have make a study an author's psychology before one i need to write an essay in one night could evaluate his far-reaching conclusions.

In his influential work Life's Beginning Earth, Professor dissertation writing help Beutner makes the following statement..

how did life originate the earth?..

There was probably some sort development, perhaps extending over millions years, before life appeared. We may assume that the first primitive forms life must have arisen from non-living matter..

italics mine.

And later.. Oparin draws the same conclusions which this writer tentatively developed, namely that life Is just one the countless properties the compounds carbon We believe that Beutner's work brilliant and sincere but cannot help feeling that its conclusions are unwittingly determined the author's personal philosophy as expressed the last page his book Our thirst for knowledge shows the road the pursuit human happiness.. gives power.. that may hope enjoy a long life which Is as near immortality as can possibly expect. A view hardly less subjective, but more objectively formulated, offered Lincoln Barnett in Life magazine's fifth series The World We Live In, called The Pageant As how life itself was first created science can only speculate. It theoretically possible that some distant day at the very dawn time, when the earth's rocks were still soft and oceans and air seethed with chemical turbulence, certain organic compounds in the hot sea were synthesized solar radiation, lightning discharge or unknown catalytic agents into a complex molecule, structurally akin the protein molecules that form the building blocks all life, and capable generating units online proofreading course like itself. In time these primordial molecules may have combined into clusters form an organism analogous perhaps a bacterium. Then, somehow, more complex entities evolved and acquired the art photosynthesis utilizing the energy the sun.





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