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United States.

Similar products are also prepared in Europe, but the native article supplies our trade. A thick, viscid, sticky, blackish brown liquid, opaque in bnlk, transparent in thin layers becomes thicker, granular and more opaque odor strongly empyreumatic and terebinth in ate, taste acrid empyreumatic and bitterish.

The composition variable. Tarcontains a volatile oil, crude acetic pyrol igneous acid, pyrocatechin, acetone, phenols, creosote, etc.

Tar insoluble write my paper in 3 hours in water, but imparts a small proportion its constituents sinks in water.

It soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, volatile oils, fixed oils and tats, and in solutions potassa and soda. Stimulant blennorrhetic in doses. gram externally in ointments, plasters, etc.

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when acts North Carolina and Swedish tars are esteemed Birch tar a similar substance, made from the wood Be tula alba Cupulifera. It contains a large proportion pyrocatecbin, and esteemed account its pecular odor which well known as the Beeeb tar made from the wood Fagus Sylvatica Cupuliferte and generally cheap essay papers considered as the best source for obtaining creasote for internal Jnniper tar, oil cade or Oleum Cadinum, derived from the wood Juniperus oxycedrus Conifera. It more liquid than pine tar and has a somewhat different odor. As already explained in the introductory remarks group, balsams are either resins or oleo-resins in combination with balsamic acids with either one or more benzoic, cinnamic or other analogous acids, for instance. It true that this not the universally accepted definition for balsam, and that the word balsam used some authors, Maisch, for instance, for oleo-resins with balsamic acids and Berg for oleo-resins with and without balsamic acids thus dissertation writers in london making the word synonymous with oleoresin, and in both cases making the presence tbe volatile oil the characteristic a balsam. If desirable distinguish between write custom essays oleo-resin and balsam, as Maisch does, and if the presence or absence aromatic dissertation defense advice or balsamic acids made tbe basis such differentiation, then every argument would apply equally as strongly in favor differentiating between resins with and resins without balsamic acids and if the presence these acids in oleo-resins held constitute the characteristics balsams, then the presence the acids the important feature and not the presence the oil, and therefore a resin containing these acids should called a balsam also.

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