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Massage with proper gymnastics, if not overdone, as produce poisonous fatigue xins in the muscles, always promote better oxygenation, oxidation, hence nutrition, etc. They force the circulation onward in the veins directly, indirectly in the arteries, and vice versa, and therefore strengthen the heart relieving part its work they develop and strengthen the muscles, stimulate or soothe the nerves according the method application they promote better peristalsis, hence prevent constipation, cause greater secretion gastric, hepatic, pancreatic and intestinal juices, stimulate the kidneys and bladder better action, build tissue, assist skin activity, eliminative and respiratory, favorably influence metabolism and elimination waste material, rejuvenate and prevent premature breakdown while undoubtedly greatly assisting in overcoming the sequelas injudicious burning the candle at both ends, such as brain fag, nervous exhaustion and the well-known host evils frequently encountered in this cheap custom essay papers country.

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If you will compare two groups nurses, one in training compelled take regular, judicious exercises, etc.

and the other neglecting them, the difference in their appearance, endurance, contentment and efficiency cannot fail at once become apparent, provided, dissertation research help course, everything else equal. If these self-evident facts are conceded, as they cannot very well fail they alone not demonstrate the advisability at once equipping a small private gymnasium We expect criticized for recommending general massage treatment, etc. nurses in training whose time already too preoccupied with their multitudinous studies and duties. Nevertheless, must repeat that our honest opinion that such a course massage, supplementary gymnastics perhaps administered a sister nurse, hire someone to write my thesis while troublesome, would repay the nurses and their employers a hundredfold Finally, may advisable say a few words in regard the prevention and cure the altogether too frequent cases weak foot or flat foot among nurses, which give them much trouble in their vocation. The more serious cases must, course, referred the orthopedic surgeon.

In the milder cases, which often are at least aggravated, if not altogether caused poorly fitting shoes, bad habits walking and standing, averting the feet too much, etc.

a great deal can achieved teaching the aflElicted nurse i wear wide shoes, allowing plenty room move the individual toes walk with adducted feet and thus imitate the natural slightly inverted walk have the shoemaker raise the inner border the sole and heel somewhat, as force the foot through gravity outward, outer side foot the position the inverted foot called supination practise adduction and supination as often as possible, as acquire the irresistible habit placing the feet in the proper positions use daily foot massage after thoroughly bathing the feet, adding help with filing divorce papers the foot bath, as suggested above in cases excessive perspiration and consequent tenderness, alum or tannic acid or some other harmless astringent.

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Thus, minor weak or flat-foot cases can often induced yield properly fitting shoes especially when the inner i need help with my essay writing border raised, with massage, carefully watched natural walking, adduction and We will now give a few sample recipes for healthy nurses and for those who may afflicted with various nervous or physical diseases, reminding the reader that there must course some variety and some changes made suit the existing conditions, etc.

First all, will give a few exercises in easily phd no thesis understood words, which at the same time are easily executed, for the use healthy nurses wishing retain their good condition and at the same time lacking both the knowledge technical terms and the convenience having a sister nurse as instructor who has had the technical upward, with deep breathing, active times.

We might continue indefinitely without exhausting this interesting and highly imjiortant subject, but the limitations space compel close. The above suggestions for the improvement and maintenance the health nurses are made because have only too frequently observed the lamentable physical and nervous condition nurses after undergoing a course training and a short term nursing. PERHAPS the readers The Trained Nurse may interested in hearing some results X-ray treatment, as this form therapy not sufficiently common for all nurses have had opportunity observe its beneficial effects The following account covers a period about six years and represents cases that have come directly under own observation from time When X-ray treatment in proper hands may give much relief. Some cases are entirely cured and many more could cured if taken in time It not enough, however, simply apply the X-ray must done understandingly, each condition that presents itself being treated according its requirements as frequency and length time treatment, and with the proper tube.

A considerable outlay definition essay help time and money course, necessary enable the physician give the subject the required study and acquire the skill and understanding means which alone can In what way, may asked, does the X-ray take effect? Disease cells are destroyed and the blood vessels are hardened, which lessens the blood supply the part and retards its growth, also preventing hemorrhage during the breakingdown process as the hardening tissues and blood vessels decreases their liability Case Was a woman who had had an arm amputated for sarcoma. The trouble appeared the other side, but operative measures were not advised. She was able come for treatment for about a year and a half, after which was given her at her home as long as she lived, which was about a year longer. The sweUing was reduced, pain very much lessened, odor entirely kept down after a few treatments had been given, and a generally comfortable condition was maintained until the last. She was able use her arm most the time. Case. Lip eaten away epithelioma louisiana purchase research paper that all the teeth showed. This patient went a hospital for treatment, but operation was impossible and medicine could nothing help him. The X-ray was used with such good result that in about two months the lips were healed new tissues having formed that the teeth no longer showed.





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