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These were removed and the wound sewed That afternoon there was the first peristalsis that had been noticed since she entered four days.

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All that night she was nervous and hysterical that feared she would tear her wound with her screams and kicks. At she was given morphine, r, but this had very little effect and all I could from that till morning was rub her back and limbs with alcohol. which soothed her more than the morphine. online dissertation writing service editing services At. the next day she was given an enema which was very effectual. The child continued improve and left the hospital two weeks after date entrance.

I saw her about seven months later, but could not recognize in the plump, rosycheeked child before the little living skeleton In the August number The Trained Nurse Virginia has very timely introduced the question the common sense in uniforms for nurses, especially in hot weather, she says, and I pleased assure Virginia proposal writing for cleaning services that she not alone in her views this reform who needs to write a thesis in uniform for the summer months.

I have, in fact, adopted a summer uniform for the months June, July and August.

The pupils were elated when the question short sleeves and collarless uniform was suggested and very soon converted some their more worn uniform waists into attractive and comfortable short sleeves and low neck. The sleeves were cut off above the elbow and a box plait made take the fullness, then a what is dissertation writing white linen band was stitched in the form a cuff next the collar was removed and a circular band white linen, the same width as the cuffs, stitched around the neck. Theses bands were stitched firmly both edges and washed with the waist, thus saving cheapest essay writers the extra amount work required in the starching, washing, ironing and assorting at least ninety collars and one hundred and thirty-five pairs cuffs per week.

The nurses were more comfortable in wearing the uniform, the patients made comfortable feeling that the nurses were more at ease, and, last but not least, the pupil was able ecomomize in utilizing her otherwise discarded uniform converting into the summer comfort. Lady Superintendent, Lady Stanley Institute Training School The County Carleton I think a nurse's vacation should an outdoor one as far as possible, if she spends most her time indoors, as most One the most pleasant vacations I ever had was one spent with friends in Manitoba. I had heard the wonderful wheat fields, but a few weeks spent among them with an old-time friend who had gone share the life a Western farmer was a very delightful change from nursing in a large city.

Help with writing a speech

The lady the house had a gentle driving horse and had long drives the postoffice, hospital and neighboring farms.

While I had thought her as roughing in the West I was surprised find her in a comfortable, roomy brick dwelling with every appearance comfort. She worked hard, but I doubt if was harder than I, and she had her night's rest, which I had not. It seems a mistake for a nurse for a vacation any place where she will expected dress parade every hour the day, and I sure if a nurse in need a rest and change the last place she should a convention nurses where she will have talk shop most To ike Editor The Trained Nurse I have been much interested in the articles relating hospital noise which have appeared in the can i buy a thesis June and July numbers. I realize that training can a great deal, but what I would like know particularly the best way overcome the noise from a freight elevator which enclosed in a wire cage and right next door and opposite, private rooms. custome essay The hospital a quiet street and get no more outside noise than common in the best hospitals, but the rattling garbage pails, the bringing and down ice and dishes, and removal soiled clothes, etc. keeps a more or less constant noise that makes every room in the corridor undesirable during the day. It easy say that an elevator shaft ought not located near private rooms, but that does not solve the question as how deal with the noise from an elevator installed several need help writing my essay years before I had any responsibility for hospital noise. Can anything done lessen the noise? Will some one please tell what should cost have an elevator machinery changed that would work automatically I mean that the door would custom writings not open till the button was touched from the inside, and also the elevator would not start till doors were While there no lack text books anatomy and physiology, all them differ in various ways and teachers nurses are usually glad examine new books in search new or improved methods presenting old subjects. Miss Fiske has given much thought as how anatomy and physiology should presented nurses and her conviction that the books with which she was familiar failed meet the need as appeared her was the inspiration for her book.

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