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But, in general, there an area, more or less clearly defined, which contributes the spital both the patients occuj its beds and the money support them. That the local press can a powerful factor in promoting hospital interests no one will attempt deny.

Yet, too often, there exists a sort strained relation between the executives hospitals and the press that a distinct hindrance the institution. Hosjntal superintendents have complained that the local papers reported only the dire happenings in a hospital, which did not wish made, and that facts which the papers might have reported, which would have helped the institution, were crowded out or given help with term paper scant space. Admitting that there some truth in this view, not a fact that hospital workers themselves are a considerable extent responsible for this condition? It easily within the power the hospital executive establish writing help cordial and common-sense relations with the representatives the press. The average newspaperman would rather publish facts than garbled, i need help with essay twisted stories, but cannot this unless has the facts publish, and these the hospitals refuse many occasions give him. The reporter gets an inkling something that appeals him as a readable news item. He telephones the hospital for fuller information. The superintendent perhaps has taken the stand a very decidedly foolish one and prejudical hospital interests that no information any kind furnished the newspapers the hospital, and the reporter meets with an abrupt refusal his request for facts.

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The reporter under pressure from a variety sources.

He obliged turn in a certain amount copy. He has only a certain and a very limited time in which prepare He naturally wants include as much news matter local interest as possible in his dissertations help space hasn't nmch time spend in getting hold facts about matters that are likely interest only a comparatively small circle people, and reasons that if doesn't publish a rival newspaper will, uses such information as has, and draws his imagination for the rest. The story comes out inaccurate, badly twisted as facts but the hospital free from If hospital superintendents would try once in a while mentally put themselves put themselves in the reporter's place, they would realize that the position refusing all information one that sure work harm rather than good the institution.

Even if the facts not look well from the hospital standpoint when published, better policy far for the hospital the facts the reporter an unfortunate occurrence which already has an inkling. The hospital today has in its makeup too many individuals, too many classes people for adequately suppress the telling unfortunate happenings the outside public. After the internes and the nurses have been duly trained tell nothing, there are still the orderly, the porter and the ward maids each with their coterie friends ready hear and tell hospital happenings.

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There are the patients and the visitors the patients, who are bound find out and report a thing which they are sure the hospital people want suppressed. And tell not i need help with my term paper in Gath there the telephone girl or the telephone operator, male or female, especially the night staflf in the telephone office. Thus, happens that within fifteen minutes the time a death has occurred in a hospital and an undertaker has been telephoned buy a college research paper for the rel orter online proofreading services calls and says I understand that you've just had a death in the hospital. He, perhaps, has the man's surname and wants his initials and age and how long had been in the hospital, etc. He has a part the information and going publish what has. The only sensible course for the authorized hospital representative accept the situation and give the facts in such a way as will best protect the interests the people most concerned If a patient cheapest assignment writing service falls out a window or a delirious patient escapes from the building some newspaper going get wind It useless try suppress and the institution can best protect itself being In one city in which for years the newsl apers had lost no opportunity knock the hospital because the antagonistic attitude the superintendent toward the reporters, essay help college the new superintendent called the managing editor and asked him have the knocking stopped. The superintendent explained that the details about patients who came there seeking treatment could not and would not given the reporters, but that details any affair a public nature, such as an accident or emergency occurring in the street in which the patient was brought the hospital, would freely given, that in fact the hospital would not wait asked for the details but ould report them promptly also that facts or plans concerning the institution itself would prepared at regular intervals for the press. The result the frank talk was that the papers which had previously delighted in rapping the hospital every occasion were transformed into boosters The hospital must depend for the extension its work and a considerable extent for its support the good will the public, and in the shaping public opinion the newspapers are too great a force a The institution which doing a legitimate work in a legitimate way will helped rather than hurt publicity in the long run. The thing impress the managers the newspapers with your common sense and sincerity and the genuineness and value your methods, and secure their cooperation as constructive helpers in the work you have in hand.





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