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It may employed as a local disinfectant in cases offensive decomposition in the catarrhal discharges the airpassages, or even in gangrene the lung.

A few drops should placed a sponge in a sufficiently roomy glass tube and inhaled. It has been used in the form vaginal suppository prevent septic poisoning in puerperal cases. It may also administered the stomach sugar or in a mixture.

There no good reason suppose that this oil, or the leaves from which derived, possesses any specific virtues in malarial diseases.

If used externally, the oil may Essence Fenouil, Fenchelol, Its action and uses are essentially the same as those anise.

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Contains a large proportion methyl-salicylic acid, and was the first source from which service essay writing salicylic acid was manufactured.

This oil, or a very similar one, found in several other plants, notably the bark sweet birch.

It generally used as a flavoring for medicines and confectionery. It has lately been employed in the dose ten drops every two hours in acute rheumatism. It seems have about the same action as salicylic acid, and the urine, after its use, resists decomposition and gives the salicyluric reaction with chloride iron.

Cotton seed oil may very properly used for many medicinal purposes under its own name, as well as when imported in foreign bottles under the name olive oil. It used in several preparations The special activity which distinguishes this from many other volatile oils its diuretic property. This may perceptible even when Cod liver oil well known one the most easily digestible fats, that may taken the week or month without disordering the digestion. It found pass through animal membranes more rapidly than any other fat, and in this respect the darker oils have a slight advantage over the lighter-colored, such as are directed in the Pharmacopoeia, but not enough compensate for the increased liability gastric derangement, or even the much more repugnant taste and smell.

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This easy diffusibility has been attributed the presence free oleic acid, which renders the saponification and absorption the oil in the intestine more rapid and complete.

A similar function has been claimed for the biliary matters which are found in Its therapeutic value has been supposed depend upon the presence iodine, bromine, and phosphorus, as well as the organic base, trimethylamin, which has been used in acute and chronic rheumatism with alleged remarkable success. The quantities these substances are, however, far too small contribute The therapeutic applications cod liver oil are simple, although the number diseases in which has been and may used with great ad vantage very large. buy college term papers Its administration specially indicated in those conditions depraved nutrition shown an over-development lowly organized tissue, easily breaking down, or keeping a long-continued suppuration, which can only vaguely characterized, and are equally vaguely named, scrofulous. It may thus equally applicable in chronic inflammations the skin, the conjunctive, the bones and cartilages, the mucous membrane the air-passages, both naso-pharyngeal and pulmonary, and the lungs themselves. It in this last class cases that cod liver oil becomes, though no specific, the most useful medicines. essay on social service Patients in whom the destructive local service learning reflection essay process may all the while going often gain in weight and strength, and lose many troublesome symptoms. There but little doubt that in a great number cases the condition the patient materially improved, and his chances life increased if can take this drug without gastric trouble or loss appetite. Around the shores the North Sea and among the population engaged in the help essay questions the capture the codfish the oil his liver has been, for a long time before its introduction into general practice, reputed great efficacy in the treatment chronic rheumatism. The constipation delicate children may advantageously treated wdth The usefulness this drug how ever, seriouly impaired the difficulties which lie in the way its administration, and which depend, firstly, upon its unpleasant taste, and, secondly, upon the digestive disturbances which occasionally gives rise.





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